Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It is such a joy to celebrate the victory that we all have in Christ because of His Resurrection. I have always been so grateful and amazed at what Jesus did for me, and all of us on the cross. This year however, God has just so rocked my understanding of what His victory over death and hell mean!

We have had the privilege of meeting some new friends through our life group here at Red Rocks Church.
This Easter was a blast! Some of our new friends the Jensens, host a big Easter bash every year. We went to their house for a wonderful pot luck dinner and Easter festivities.
I am so blessed that God has given us these wonderful people to encourage us and be a part of what God is doing in each one of us.

The kids and the big boys playing chubby bunny. It was hilarious, especially since the marshmallows they used were the size of a baseball. Too funny, look at my hubby's face:P

Here is my sweet little man blowing bubbles, or trying to at least.
We had to do the egg hunt inside because it looked more like Christmas than Easter outside. Here are all the kids waiting to go upstairs and hunt for eggs. You can feel the anticipation!
I tried to get one of Caitlyn as she ran past me! The girls and Sean had so much fun.

This is Grace. Here mom and dad are our new Life group leaders. My little Sean also has a little boy crush on her. Every time we get in the car to go anywhere he asks to go see Gacie, as he calls her.

There was fierce competition at the Foosball table as Ryan and Lacey took on Jeff and Paul.
Sean found a whole dollar in one of his eggs. He also ate way too much sugar and slept all the way home. The day was a success!

I hope that everyone's Easter was great!